SRC Intern Training Manual Cover

SRC Intern Handbook
Final semester project for my Marketing Internship was to create a training manual for the incoming intern. The only part of the manual I could place online was the cover due to privacy and security issues. (InDesign, 2010)

Vancougar Ad

B&W Newspaper Ad
Ad for the School newspaper, the Vancougar, that was created in the first year of my internship at WSU Vancouver. (InDesign, 2009)


New Alumni Postcard
Postcard designed and sent to print for my marketing internship. (InDesign, 2009)

Resume Cover

Electronic Resume Book Cover 2010
Cover for the annual Electronic Resume Book at WSU Vancouver. This one was created in the second year of my internship. (InDesign, 2010)

CD Cover

Resume Book CD Design
CD cover for the Electronic Resume Book 2010. The blue lines aren't part of the design, they are the guides for the cd. (InDesign, 2009)

Resume Book Cover

Electronic Resume Book Cover 2009
Cover of the annual Electronic Resume Book at WSU Vancouver created in the first year of my internship. (InDesign, 2009)

Etiquette Dinner Ad

Color Ad - Etiquette Dinner
Color version of an ad that was created for the annual Etiquette Dinner at WSU Vancougar. (InDesign, 2009)

Pathways Ad

B&W Newspaper Ad - Career Fair
Ad that ran in the school newspaper, the Vancougar. It is advertising the annual Clark College career fair that was held in cooperation with WSU Vancouver. (InDesign, 2009)

Supplemental Instruction FLyer

SI Bookmark 2010
Bookmarks with the Supplemental Instruction program information on them. These were sent to print and then distributed to students as part of the marketing campaign for SI. This is the spring design. (InDesign, 2010)

Supplemental Instruction Bookmark

SI Bookmark 2009
The fall design for the Supplemental Instruction bookmarks handed out as part of the marketing campaign. (InDesign, 2009)

Table Tents

Table Tents
Table tents displayed around campus with infor about the Student Resource Center and available services. (InDesign, 2010)

Diverse Careers/Diverse People Poster

Color Poster
Poster hung around campus advertising the bi-annual "Diverse Careers/Diverse People" career panel. Also created for my internship. (InDesign, 2009)

Ed Abroad Flyer

Color Poster
Flyer for the Education Abroad Program at WSU Vancouver. (InDesign, 2009)

Pre-Health Flyer

Informational Flyer
Bi-annual poster listing the workshops that were offered for Pre-Health students. (InDesign, 2010)

Sample Flyer

Informational Flyer
This sample flyer won me an internship at WSU Vancouver. It was created as part of the application process for the Student Resource Center Marketing Internship. (Photoshop, 2008)